Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas! Our sweet boy ready for Christmas Eve service and being silly around the house today.
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Sunday, December 18, 2011


So the visit today didn't go over very well. Corbin has already seen Santa this year and was fine that time but we went today to Santa in the Gardens which was a really cool set up. Only problem is you couldn't see Santa until you turned the corner and there he was. Corbin was not prepared and this is what we got! Oh well, classic memories! Poor baby!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Getting ready for Christmas

We are getting excited for Christmas around here. Just wanted to share some pictures that Uncle Nick helped us take for our Christmas card. He did a great job! Corbin is so excited for Christmas and loves everything related to it. Can't wait to watch it through his eyes this year. Tonight when I was singing to him before I put him in bed I was singing Silent Night, Holy Night. He started singing Holy, holy, holy. What a sweet boy.

Uncle Nick was trying to help Corbin learn how to whistle.

Silly boy would only smile if we tickled him.
He was wondering what was going on.

Merry Christmas to everyone! May you be blessed within the coming new year.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

We enjoyed Thanksgiving today and being able to celebrate with our family and friends. We went out to the farm to give thanks and Corbin got to ride his first horse. When we asked him to go and ride the horsie this is what he ran and and got on...
This horse.

What he didn't realize is that we were going to see how he liked riding a real horse. He enjoyed running around at the barn but once he got close to Otis he was a little more timid.

Checking out things at the barn.
Not too sure about Otis giving him a kiss.

We went down to the ring and he was not too sure about staying on Otis' back but he was ok once we started moving. He smiled some but most of the time he was a little unsure. Otis was a very patient teacher. Here are some more pics:

Holding on to Mommy and Gigi's hands.

Dad are you getting all of this?
Excited to get can see the big smile!

All in all a great experience for him and he even went up and gave Otis a pat on the nose afterward to tell him thank you. He was very proud of himself and he got to ride on his favorite toy:

The cool tractor!

We went out to see Mommy's horse, Juri and Josh said that as I was walking out to the pasture Corbin was walking out after me blowing kisses. He is such a sweet boy (even though he is wide open) and we are so blessed. He is saying so much now and is so loving, giving hugs and lots of kisses (he even knows how to give eskimo kisses). He can tell you what Santa says (ho, ho, ho), knows so many words I can't even begin to list but some of his new favorite are: Georgie, choo-choo, woah, yesssss, yay, and memaw (for Mamaw). He can also say, I love you. We are making progress on food and he even ate cupcake today (he wouldn't even touch cake when he turned 1 year old). He LOVES chocolate and definitely takes after his Momma in that regard. He has been SO excited as we are decorating for Christmas and looks at the lights and snowman and says ahhhhh. He also LOVES doggies and anytime he sees a dog or a picture of a doggie he will say, "Woof woof." He will pick up his play phone and "call" Daddy and have a conversation with him. I guess that shows you how much I talk to Josh on the phone while we are at home! Can't believe he is 18 months old but we are still loving watching him grow and learn new things every day. Today, he saw a turkey and said, "Gobble, gobble, gobble." Even though we work on some things and he may not say it or do it at that moment, he is definitely taking everything in. I think our favorite thing that he has started doing is whenever we say the prayer at breakfast, lunch, or dinner time when we are finishing it up he will say, "AAAmen."It is amazing how he takes in everything. We are so thankful to God for his great blessings and provisions in our life. He is so faithful and always there when we need Him. He has truly blessed us and our family.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Meeting him for the first time.
My grandmother, Jenny, passed away this past Saturday, Nov. 19, 2011 at 7:42 a.m. She had been declining pretty quickly in the past few months but I will always be thankful that she got to meet Corbin. Seeing him always put a big smile on her face and she has loved to watch him run around or just hold him for the past year at Camden Place. She always said, "He is so pretty. Hasn't he got the roundest head, the prettiest ears? My isn't he heavy? Is he sleeping through the night? What can I buy him?" I would always hand him to her as she was sitting in her chair and I would wheel them both into the family room where I would let him down and she would watch him run around. He gave her many hugs and kisses (even though she wasn't too fond of his open mouth kisses). Near the end when she was at Beacon Place, we took him and she just watched him as he was throwing a ball and he put the ball on her bed. She took her arms out from underneath the covers to get the ball out and play with him. She was such a special lady, near and dear to our hearts and she will greatly be missed and even though Corbin knows who she is now, I know he will have a very faint memory of her. I am so glad that they could meet and that she was able to hold him in her arms, even though it was for a short time. I know someday soon we will see Jenny again and she is having a great time in heaven being able to walk and be free again!
Christmas last year (2010) right before she went to the hospital.

Corbin and Jenny at Camden Place around 8 months old here.

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Cracking up at each other!

Had to share! These little boys are too cute!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

All boy

So tonight this little boy decided to take a nose dive into the tub. He had been running up to me and slamming himself into my back giving me hugs while I was getting his bath ready. He hopped up on the ledge and next thing I know he had flipped over on his back and landed in the bathtub clothes and all. Needless to say I was worried and he was upset but after I pulled him out and held him and made sure he was ok, I had to shake my head. This boy is going to give me a heart attack! And he isn't even 2 yet!
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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Since Corbin loves doggies and our dogs so much he was one for Halloween. If you ask, "What does a doggie say?" or if he sees a dog somewhere in the near vicinity he will say "woo woo". He had a fun night at trunk or treat and would even take the candy and put it in his pumpkin. He tried to sneak a few pieces on the way home.

Holding his first piece of candy!

Our cute little puppy dog.

Corbin and Daddy

Ready to go home after a fun night!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Corbin's Great Pumpkin

His First Jack o' Lantern (with help from Daddy of course)!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Let's go fly a kite

While we are at the beach, Josh took advantage of the wind and flew his kite. Corbin was quite fascinated with it and wanted to help his Daddy. Hope you enjoy the pictures below:

Daddy and his sweet boy.

He is taking everything in...

The Great Pumpkin

Today we went and got a pumpkin today at Mt. Pisgah's pumpkin patch. We have been there the past couple of years since that is where Josh used to go to church. Corbin was not as easy to pose in the pumpkins this year but we still got some cute pictures. We are excited to carve the pumpkin with this little boy.

Not too sure about the scarecrow...

Here he is giving the pumpkin a hug...awe.

Which one are we going to choose?

He also enjoyed sitting on the pumpkins as well.

Say smile for the camera and this is what you get.
2 little pumpkins.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Busy Busy Busy!

It has been awhile since I have had a chance to sit down and think for a second to update our blog. Earlier this week I sprained my ankle pretty badly while working in a classroom so I think God is encouraging me to slow down for a second. For those of you who don't know I have taken on a second job this year doing early intervention work which has been a blast and work at school has been crazy and trying to keep up with Corbin adds a whole new dimension on top of that! Phew...we have been busy!
We had the chance a few weekends ago to go to Fripp Island with Gigi which was Corbin's second trip to the beach but probably the first trip he actually remembers. He had a blast even though it was REALLY WINDY and the water was very cold. He loved running on the beach and kept trying to run into the waves. He would suck in air when the water hit him (it was cold) but he kept going back for more. We stayed out for a little bit but kept getting pounded on by the sand so we headed back to the house, ate lunch, and Corbin was so exhausted he took over a 3 hour nap! He loved going up and down the stairs in the beach house, riding the golf cart, and checking out the deer that run freely on the island. We also went to the large fishing pier and people were catching crabs so he got to see his first crab up close.
Our sweet family

This boy has grown up so much!
"Pee pie" as Corbin says.
Love this smiling face.
What is the thing Daddy is holding?

I can't believe how much this little boy has changed. He is not a baby anymore. He is talking up a storm and repeats many words. There are so many I can't list but he loves to say Mommy, Daddy, doggie, uh oh, apple, hug, this, beach, ball, happy, eieio, Gigi, Papaw, Mimi, Poppa, Ray Ray, Grandpa, and many more. He has also said 2 word phrases like peaches please, thank you, no no no, and bye bye daddy. His receptive vocabulary is unbelievable and I swear he understands the majority of what we say. He can sign please, more, and the other day he went to our pantry door pointed and signed eat. He has quite the personality...the other day he brought up something and held it out to me, said "Mommy" like I was supposed to take it and I tried and then he held it back and shook his head no. Again, He held it out like I was supposed to take it and when I tried he held it back and ran and turned around at me laughing. He is so happy and joyful it makes me smile. He is so independent it has been a little hard recently but things have gotten better. He will come up to us and give us a hug, putting his head on our shoulder and say "Awe" and still gives us wide open mouth kisses even though he is working on puckering up his lips for kisses. Sometimes I miss that small little baby but it is so much fun to watch him grow. He is keeping us on our toes and yep, very busy!

Friday, October 14, 2011


Almost 17 months old!
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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Feed the birds

This afternoon we decided to go to Country Park to feed the geese. We didn't know it was against the rules...we found that out after the fact. Oh well! Atleast the birds were happy! Corbin enjoyed checking out the geese up close and personal. He did not, however feed them. He left that up to me.

Wonder what they are both looking at?

After that we headed down to the park to play for a little bit. Corbin enjoyed sliding down the big tunnel slide and found a new friend around his age to play with. They had a good time crawling through the tunnels. Corbin is finally starting to feel better. He has had a rough week running a fever of 103. We think it ended up being roseola because he broke out in a light rash last night. I think we are finally on the mend!

Daddy and I on the top of the big boy slide!
So happy!
Me and my new friend.


All smiles after the slide!