Tuesday, June 21, 2011

13 months: It's Summertime!

I am so glad to be out for the summer and spend time with Corbin. It has been nice relaxing and getting caught up on projects at the house that I have wanted to get done. I have a feeling we are going to spend a lot of time at the pool since it is so hot! This boy started walking probably 3 or 4 days after he turned 1! He had been taking several steps together but when we bought him the bouncy ball for his birthday party his walking really started to take off. He would use the ball as a big walker and would throw it and then chase after it. Now he is REALLY into everything and we just put up 2 gates in our house to help me out this summer. He loves to go through cabinets and just pull everything out. He seems to always be able to find some sort of treasure. He is also talking more and more now and communicating a lot. He is pointing and will make an attempt to repeat many words that I say (even though the majority of them sounds like "da"). He says dada, mama, uh-oh, doggie, hey, and bye-bye and can follow numerous directions like pet the doggie, or bring it to mommy or daddy. He LOVES to play hide and seek and "Where's Corbin". Just the other day he started to blow bubbles in the tub so I guess our swim class lessons paid off (even though I think Daddy taught that to him). He has such a great sense of humor and is always laughing (unless you take something away from him or tell him no). For awhile he was signing "I love you" but now it seems to have disappeared but he will also sign more and finished when eating. I guess I love you will come back...I swear it sounded like he even said it and I do have witnesses.
Enjoying his birthday present from Mommy and Daddy.


This boy has finally started eating more things! He now LOVES spaghetti and has even started trying to use a spoon to eat. Since I am out for the summer we are eating lots of meals together and he will often point at what I am eating and wants to try it. He still isn't too sure about bread but I am so glad that he is more open to trying new things. I guess he isn't going to starve after all!