Friday, November 26, 2010

We are thankful for...

this little boy.

He has been such a blessing in our lives and we are so thankful that God entrusted us to take care of one of His children. We are also so thankful for our families and their support, our wonderful church family, our friends, and for Stacey & James that take care of Corbin (well, James really just supervises I guess). It has been such a great year and we appreciate all of you!

This Thanksgiving was busy as usual. Corbin got to go visit Mamaw's house for breakfast and play with all of his family there and his future cousin that is on the way. It is hard to believe that next year their will be 2 babies running/sitting around! Then we went to my mom's to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family where Corbin enjoyed his first taste of banana pudding-yum! And finally, we headed to my dad's so that Corbin could see my Nana since she was home from the nursing home for that day. He got quite the attention all day and slept hard last night recovering! We are now all ready and decorated for Christmas! More fun memories to be made!

Corbin and his Grandpa Ken in from Puerto Rico to visit for the month.

All the turkey and dressing tired Corbin out too and he had to take a nap.

In these photos, Corbin is sporting his new head gear that we just received on Wed. (11/24). Josh and I had noticed a flat spot on Corbin's head a little before 4 months and had mentioned it to the dr. who didn't seem too concerned. By the next time we went to the dr. there had been enough change to cause some concern and a referral to the crano-facial clinic. Luckily it isn't too bad and has only affected his ear and forehead but it is fixable. So our little boy will be sporting this Carolina Blue helmet for a little time. He doesn't seem to mind it yet but it makes his Mommy a little sad. Oh well, it is only short term!

Happy 1/2!

Check out what I can do...sit all by myself!

Mommy made me cupcakes to celebrate 6 months together and Ms. Stacey made me this cool outfit!

I was ready to eat the cake...oh well, I will have to wait until I am 1 year for that.

It is hard to believe that Corbin is 6 months already! He weighs 17.2 lbs (45%) and is 26 3/8 inches tall (45%) . He is quite the social butterfly always smiling and laughing at everyone. He has started to babble quite a lot and has said da da together (even though he doesn't know what it means yet). We are so blessed by his sweet, loving and laid back personality. Josh and I swear we will get paid back with the next child! He is starting to push and move a little when he is on his stomach but no crawling yet. All in good time I am sure. We started back to trying solid foods again. We had tried them around 4 months and he just did not seem interested in them so we decided to wait a little bit and he is doing better now. He is much more fascinated by drinks though and will try to grab them out of your hand if you are holding one and him.

Why are you making me eat these carrots? It's a rough job but somebody's got to do it.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

We had quite a weekend and I think that we are all still recovering! We went to Charlotte for a wedding and to see Uncle Nick. Corbin was quite the trooper and kept up with the swing of things...then we came back to Greensboro for Corbin's first trunk or treat. Corbin was able to show off some of his new tricks-lots of "heys" and rolling over. He loves to smile at the camera if you will sing to him. He seems to love music and singing. Here are some pictures from the weekend!