Monday, January 31, 2011

A Day at the Park

Checking out the swing.
I laughed and laughed while Mommy was pushing me.
What is this thing that we are on?
Yay for the slide! Let's do it again!

So yesterday was a beautiful day and since Corbin was boycotting naps we decided to go to the park and enjoy the warm weather. Corbin had such a blast just looking at everything and especially enjoyed the swings and slide. He wanted to chew on the swing at first but once I started pushing him he laughed and laughed. He sure does love life and takes every new experience in stride. He also enjoyed going down the slide and tried to jump off! Luckily I was there to catch him. Near the end he did get tired and rode on Daddy's shoulders. The boy sure does love his Daddy!

8 months and growing

I love to stand up with some help!

So curious about life.
I like to be pushed around the house on my dinosaur.
Check out my 2 teeth!

This little boy keeps growing and growing...he is really starting to look like a little boy instead of a baby. He weighs 19.3 lbs so far and since Christmas he has gotten his 2 bottom teeth...I think he is working on some more because he just hasn't been himself lately but the dr. thinks that it is a virus. I guess time will tell...
Corbin LOVES to stand up. It is his newest favorite things these days and he will put his hands up to us and take our hands and push up all by himself. If we prop him on things (like the side of the couch or pack and play) he can stand for quite some time. That is his latest fascination...he especially likes to try to pull up in the bathtub for some reason. We tell him that is not the greatest idea but of course he doesn't listen! When he stands up he just giggles and laughs and thinks it is the greatest thing! Still no crawling yet but I think we are close. He can roll and roll on the floor and scoots on his bottom quite sneakily ( you can't even tell that he is doing it and then all of a sudden he is closer to what he wants).
Corbin has learned lots of things like how to take his helmet off, how to roll a ball back and forth, how to give hugs, and the other night while I was feeding him he kept looking and looking at the door waiting for Josh to get home. He is very focused on figuring out how things work so I think he is going to be more mechanical like Josh. He LOVES trying to use his sippy cup and so far I have put water and breast milk in it. I have tried letting him drink out of our cups too but that is a lot harder! His favorite foods seem to be some of the organic baby foods (especially mac n' cheese with vegetables) even though there doesn't seem to be anything that he doesn't like. He has gone on hunger strike a couple of times where he will NOT eat. We are still trying to figure out what that is all about. He is quite opinionated and will let you know when he doesn't want food. He is keeping us on our toes and I am sure he will continue to do so. He is growing up so fast!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Corbin standing

Corbin learning how to stand up and Lauren helping.

Corbin laughing

Here is a video of Corbin laughing with his daddy getting him.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Grandpa Ken

We just wanted to send a message out to Grandpa Ken saying hello and that we miss you and love you! Corbin wore this outfit today that you got him as we were thinking of you and hoping that you were enjoying your trip in Thailand. Funny, when you gave it to us in May I remember wondering if he would ever be big enough to fit in it! We hope you are doing well and enjoying your time.
Love, Daddy, Mommy, & Corbin