Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Journey Begins

Josh and I are both so excited about our new addition! With each week that passes I think we both realize that the time is coming soon-so hard to believe that I am now 29 and 1/2 weeks! We feel so blessed to have gotten this far and can't wait to see him. The road has not been an easy around 5 weeks pregnant I began having severe pain in my lower abdomen. I was really concerned because I had been having off and on pain since I had found out I was pregnant but I just thought that was what it felt like to be pregnant (since I had never been before). Luckily I was with my mother, who helped by calling the dr. on call to see what to do. After some talking on the phone and a review of my symptoms, it was decided that I probably had a tubal pregnancy so off to the hospital we went. I remember being so upset with the thought that I might lose the baby but was so scared with all the pain I was feeling. Once I got to the hospital some ultrasounds were done which showed the baby was fine and in the proper place but there was a large mass within which was causing all the pain. I was admitted to the hospital to see if the mass would eliminate itself on its own but my dr. prepared us that we would probably have to go in and remove it surgically since I continued to be in pretty severe pain. Later on that evening, it was decided to go ahead and do the surgery since I was losing quite a lot of blood. I was basically given a c-section (in order to improve the chances of the baby's survival). After surgery, we found out that the mass had been on my ovary and was actually a cyst that had caused my ovary to rupture. The bad news was that ovary was the one that was nourishing the baby and due to this and all the trauma of the surgery my dr. gave us a 50% chance of the baby surviving.

I ended up staying in the hospital for 4 days due to spiking a fever (I also had a pretty bad sinus infection at the time) but finally I was released to go home. In order to help the baby survive I had to receive hormone shots, as well as hormone suppositories and we had to wait 1 week until we found out whether or not he had made it. What a long week-I can remember sitting at home recovering and just praying that God would save this little one. It was definitely a test of our faith in our marriage. That was one long week but finally the day came. I will never forget that feeling of sitting there and looking on the screen and seeing his little heart beat. He looked like quite a blob at that time but we knew that he had made it! What a blessing from above!

So now here we are ready for our little boy to come. We know he has got to be one tough little guy to have made it through all of this!