Sunday, February 26, 2012

Play Time

Corbin loves to play with anything and everything he can get his hands on at our house. He loves to play with Mommy and Daddy's things. He has recently discovered chapstick and will motion on his lips (like he is putting some on) and say something that sounds like it and he loves for Josh to put it on his lips. He also loves carrying around Mommy's purse and wearing Daddy's boots.
This morning he found Mommy's glasses and enjoyed putting them on...I do think it kind of scared him though because he couldn't see things like he normally did. Maybe now he will leave them alone!

He also loves to read and our morning and nightly routine includes Corbin getting out book after book and putting it on our bed for us to read to him. He will get a book and climb up on the bed and then say "Mommy" or "Daddy" and pat down next to him to get us to read. His favorite book right now is Big Red Barn by Margaret Brown. He wants me to read that to him ALL THE TIME. I think it reminds him of an app that we use on our IPAD that he loves called Peek a boo barn (he says pee pie). The other day when we were reading it at the end he said pee pie. Who knows but I am so glad he loves to read. He will often pile up many books at night time for us to read to him and Josh or I will try to slip a couple in the "already read" pile but he won't let it slip by him. We have to read them all!
He did a very funny thing this morning. We will often put Corbin up on Murphy and let him ride him around (with some help from us of course). Well, while we were getting ready for church, Corbin went over to Murphy and patted him on his back and said, "ride, ride". I couldn't quite figure out what he said but when I did and said, "Do you want to ride on Murphy's back?" his face lit up and he was so happy! He is quite the character and talks a ton at home but seems he gets shy when anywhere else. We sure do love this boy!
Corbin wearing boots that belonged to his Daddy when he was the same age. One morning while we were getting ready for work he insisted that he wear his boots!

Stand off

We went to one of Josh's favorite places for lunch yesterday, Stamey's. Corbin had just taken Josh's last hush puppy and this is the look shared between the two. Corbin was also trying to climb down on the floor to get his last french fry that he had just dropped on the floor and Daddy was saying no. Corbin was none too happy...nothing can come between this boy and his fries.

Side note: Today (2/25) was the first day Corbin pooped in the potty (bobby as he calls it). We were very proud of him!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Snow Day

Happy boy...we finally got some snow!

I was so glad we got a little snow because Corbin and I had talked a lot about snow but I wanted him to be able to experience it first hand this year (since he probably didn't remember it from last year). He was very excited when it started snowing and watched as Daddy went out and cleaned off the car. We went out in it and he just walked around and smiled. He watched Daddy and Mommy throw snow balls and he said "throw" and pretended. We went out again in the morning and he enjoyed walking around in it but that was about it. I'm glad he got to see it this year and glad that it is almost all melted.

"Throw" the ball like Daddy.
He enjoyed helping Daddy clean off the cars.

We also enjoyed playing dress up on our snow day!

Growing Pains

Our big boy

So for those of you that don't know I guess it has been a rough winter for us. My job has been crazy busy, we have been sick off and on since Christmas time and Corbin finally got some relief this past week when I took him to the dr. (again) and he got medicine for a right ear infection. Josh also got a new job which we were hoping that was going to give us more time together as a family. Well, the first few weeks were good but then they got crazy busy and he has been working from 6 am to 9 pm some nights. It has definitely been a transition, and Corbin has been getting up earlier and earlier and now he wakes up at 5:30 most mornings. I wish he would sleep later and it has been frustrating but I know that it will pass eventually. It hasn't helped that he has been so sick too. Oh well, it has been a hard couple of months and I am so ready for easier times.

Corbin has become a lot more vocal and I have really worked on him using his words. The other day I had asked him to bring me his shoes and he walked in with them in his hands, handed them to me, and said "Here you go". He loves candy and will ask for it quite often and will do anything for it (like eat or try things he normally would never try like BREAD). He tries very hard to use the potty and he will just sit on it and push so hard but nothing has come out but he is so sweet to try. He is growing up so much and we have had our rough times because he can be stubborn and hard headed but he is still such a sweet boy. He loves his mommy and daddy so much and when we our together he will look at me and say mommy and then look at Josh and say Daddy. He absolutely loves George and loves on him all the time and takes care of him. Before we leave he will go up and say, "Bye bye Georgie" and the other morning he had a light up bracelet his Daddy had given him from the night before and he went and put it in front of George. I said, "Buddy, don't you want to take it with you" and he just pointed in front of George where it was and said "Georgie". He has such a sweet spirit even though he is always on the go. He also loves reading books, especially the Bible. He will often bring me his children's bible and we will read through it and he loves to point out the neigh neighs (horsies) and ba ba (chickens).
Giving Georgie a hug.

Good boy Georgie.

Giving George a kiss.

Christmas Recap 2011

So it has been awhile since I updated the blog but I will talk more about that later. I need to update about Corbin's second Christmas. He had a blast. Santa bought him a train table and as we came down the stairs he said "choo choo" and as soon as Josh put him down he ran straight to it and started playing. He loved all of his toys and at one point while we were opening he actually laid down on the floor and started rolling around in wrapping paper he was so excited. Oh to be a kid again! Here are some pictures:

It has all his favorites in one: choo choos (trains), yeows (airplanes), and beep beeps (cars).

Santa knew best!
Opening some presents!

We had to get hydrated...Corbin thoughts these antlers were hilarious!

On Christmas Eve, we went to Mamaw's house and Corbin had a good time watching Dirty Santa and opening his gifts. He also enjoyed playing with other people's gifts.

He did stop for a moment with a quick picture with Mommy!

Playing with Mamaw's blanket from Aunt Birdie (Katie).

Apparently we didn't take our camera in when we went to Gigi's house because we have no pictures from there but that is where his favorite gift came from...his vacuum cleaner! Too bad it doesn't really work because our house would be really clean. He will say "bacuu" and he loves to just turn it on and leave it. I can't wait until the batteries run out but so far the are running strong. We enjoyed spending a great time together with family and Corbin had a blast!