Friday, September 27, 2013


My mom makes me work all the time! I am a very eager patient though!
                       "Standing skills"

Monday, September 16, 2013

1 year old (adjusted)!

Today Mason officially turned 1 year old! He was due last year on Sept. 16th (even though he decided to come way early). He is doing so well and we are so proud of him and all of his hard work!

He finally has teeth! You can see them a little bit in this picture. He has had them for about 2 weeks. We are really seeing a great improvement with his glasses. It has really helped all of his skills. He is really trying hard to sit up and just needs to get those back muscles stronger. His head control is pretty amazing. He has had a couple of times where he is on his tummy and he can hold himself up really well (I never thought we'd see the day)! He can put some good weight on his legs when working on sit to stand and when in the exersaucer! And he is using both hands (including lefty) more and more! 

Mason is also becoming more vocal. He will squeal and growl to express his opinion. It just keeps increasing more and more. He still isn't quite truly "babbling" yet but he says a lot of da, ka, and ga. He is so in tune to noises and listening to everything and is truly the happiest baby I have ever known. He loves to hear counting and "mama" and "dada". Those words are the funniest things he has ever heard.  

And feeding...well, that is still a struggle and we need prayers. I haven't written a lot about it because we have tried so many different things that haven't seemed to work. Since May, Mason developed mucous that was due to a cold that we all had at the time. The cold went away but the mucous never did. When Mason tries to eat it is like he can't tolerate the food and the mucous together so he gags and throws up. This cycle has caused him to NOT like eating at all (don't say that I blame him)! So we are doing a sedated procedure at Chapel Hill on Oct. 18th. We are doing a sedated ABR (which is a hearing test) and a scope to see what is going on and where is all this mucous coming from. The ABR test is something we have needed to have done for a while just to keep track of Mason's hearing but with the scope we are hoping that maybe his adenoids might be swollen or we  might find something that is the cause of all of this mucous. We have tried several different nasal sprays to try to cure it but the only thing that really seems to help is Afrin (which you can't give long term). So we are praying for some answers with this procedure. Even though I REALLY don't want to put Mason to sleep again I feel like this is necessary to get some answers and to get this child eating by mouth! Thank you as always for your prayers! We will keep you posted for sure but I will leave with a big smile from this sweet boy!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

First day of preschool

We are excited and know this boy is going to have a great year! 

Dragonfly class
Mrs. Lori & Mrs. Tracy