Tuesday, July 26, 2011

14 months and a photo shoot

We are having so much fun watching this boy grow up! He is definitely keeping us on our toes but we are having a great summer. One of my friends from high school (Gail Jones) is launching her photography career and she took some family pictures of us on the day Corbin turned 14 months. We had a lot of fun but Corbin decided he was NOT in the mood for pictures that day. She still got some great shots though...

I think his face says it all...he was done!

LOVE this picture plus he is wearing an old baby hat of his Dad's!

Here he is in a rocking chair of mine from Jenny & Ray's. He loves to play in this chair at our house and will climb in and out of it all the time!

Corbin is learning so many things and will point at everything and say "this". He follows directions so well (and doesn't follow them when he wants too)! It is so amazing to watch him learn. He has learned to "give me 5" and can sign "I love you" pretty consistently now but the funniest thing he does is give the biggest & sloppiest open mouth kiss. He loves to give Mommy and Daddy kisses but has only handed a few out to others (he does tend to like blondes)! Sometimes out of nowhere he will come up and plop down in our laps and just sit there quietly (pretty much the only time he is quiet!). Another favorite moment of Josh and mine is something that has started when we are putting him down for naps/night time. We generally just hold him (as he lays his head on our shoulders), sing to him for a few minutes, say our prayers and then lay him down in his bed. During this time he has chosen to take his head off of our shoulder and lay lots of kisses on our lips over and over again. He is quite the ham and is turning into a sweet and loving boy!

Monday, July 18, 2011


Meet Reginald...

Reginald is a squirrel that Corbin loves to play with...a game where I pick Reginald up and Corbin immediately throws him back down. Typical boy apparently. We invented this game when Corbin would become very fussy while I was changing his diaper (the diaper changing table is attached to the pack and play where lots of toys, including Reginald stay). I would say, "Where's Reginald?" and then bring him up for Corbin to hold and then he would immediately throw him back into the pack n' play and then point for him again. He now loves him and if we ask Where's Reginald? he will often go in search of him. He still will throw him down on the ground most of the the time...poor Reginald.
Corbin and his friend
Giving Reginald a kiss.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011