Wednesday, February 23, 2011

This little boy is trouble...

Look what I did Mom.
Yep, I crawled under my exercauser... you can't get me now!
I will come and get you.
I got you! And will give you big wet kisses!

Look ma, no hands! Well almost!

On the move: 9 Months

So with this month has brought many changes. Corbin has learned to crawl and is into everything! He always moves towards what we don't want him to and will find the smallest piece of lint or dirt on the floor and will put it straight into his mouth(I guess that is just how it goes). We are still working on baby proofing (we do have the major dangerous things out of the way) but I figure he will let us know what we need to get rid of as time goes on. He also continues to try and try to stand up and will crawl to us to help him stand up. He can also pull himself up into a sitting position and when we go to get him up in the morning or from naptime he will be sitting up waiting for us in his crib. Josh said the other morning he heard the monitor being slung around and he knew it was time to go get him (the monitor is about eye level right next to the crib so Corbin must have gotten a hold of it). Corbin has also begun to say some "words" even though I am sure he doesn't quite know the meaning of them yet. So far we have "ba ba", "Da-da", and just last night "Ma-Ma". He loves saying them and will just laugh and laugh. He is also getting better at holding his sippy cup and drinks some milk out of it every night at dinner time.

His 9 month check up went well. He weighs 19 lbs. 7 oz. and he is 27 3/4 inches long. He has had a rash develop on his legs and it ended up being eczema and she told us to only give him a bath once a week. This is really hard to do because his hair gets really stinky from wearing his helmet (he is hot natured like his daddy and sweats a lot) so we will see how that goes. We have tried just washing his hair in the sink and that has gone is definitely a 2 person process though since he loves to move around so much!

We think that he is getting 2 more teeth as well. It is hard to see but Josh said he thought that he could see them today. Corbin had to go to the dr. again today because he has a tummy virus (he vomited a couple of times and has had runny stools) and had quite the red bottom. He was up about every hour last night. We sure hope he feels better soon because being sick is no fun...for any of us!

Daddy and I are the best of buds.

I love to swing and stand and would do it ALL the time.

Playing peek a boo with one of my Mom's favorite book as a child, Pat the bunny. We are SO glad that books seem to be his favorite toys so far!

I love getting Mommy to help me stand up.