Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Transition and change

We have had a lot of change here in the Matthews' household with therapist leaving, retiring, or moving and today we said goodbye to Rachel, Mason's CNA for a year and a half! We are going to miss her but wish her the best!
 So tonight we had to lighten it up a bit and Mason was glad to help out! This boy cracks me up and I'm sure he would show off his dance moves! I try to get a video of him dancing in his gait trainer but he stops when I turn on my camera! Crazy boy! We love our boys and they are silly! This kid has so much joy in his heart and I love how it shines! We wish everyone the most blessed new year and I am going to try to update more! Lots more changes coming for us in the new year!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Boys with Santa

This year we went to Denton Farm park to ride the Christmas train. We had a great time and the boys got to see Santa. While we were waiting in line, Corbin asked each one of us what we wanted so he could tell Santa. He has been asking for a play/tree house this year and a new car. Here is a picture of the boys: